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Our story

Tacos y tequila

Locales seeks to emulate the nostalgia of the 60's surf culture from Baja to Oaxaca. We are focused on using local produce, fish, and everything else we can from our surroundings to make this experience one that is as local as possible. 



The idea of Locales came about with the story of four friends in the 1960's living in the Bay Area. They loaded up their car with their surf boards and made their way down to Baja California. Where the desert met the ocean, they found a lively taqueria; bright lights, an expansive tequila bar, the best tacos, an unforgettable night. The only proof of their wild trip was the postcard that they brought back, "Greetings from Localés, Old Mexico."


our vision

That’s the idea the owner, Brian McLaughlin, set out to recreate. Inspired by this vision and the Mexican culture that influenced his restauranteur days in San Francisco, Brian strives to create the same feeling as that night in the 1960's. Now in New England, Solo Locales means local produce, local fish, local farms, local breweries, and local resources.

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